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pAraDoX OnE is back in action!

After a period of silence and four years since the last release a new album will emerge in the autumn entitled ‘This Fragile Peace’. On it Phil is honoured to be accompanied by two members of Census of Hallucinations, Tim Jones and Paddi. Details regarding sleeve, label and distribution have still to be worked out. Tim is working on the production at the moment.

This is hopefully the start of a period of more intense activity with Phil beginning work on a second project with Tim and Paddi and also recreating earlier releases along with unreleased. This will cover the usual eclectic range of musical styles.
A run-down on the track listing is as follows (order undecided):

Until Hell Freezes Over (c 6/7 minutes) depicting the chaos, fear and uncertainty of the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis, instrumental with archive sound samples;

Perdido Street (c 4m 30 sec) inspired by the dysfunctional world created by China Melville in his brilliant book. Depicts that feeling of dislocation many of us feel, lyrics informed by an early morning walk among the nooks and crannies of a big city;

Regrets (around 4 minutes) this is a very personal ‘song’ about regret and longing;

Waiting in Airports (c 7 minutes) inspired by Richard Gorman’s poem, work took me into aeroplanes last year more than at any time in my life and Richard’s words caught the feeling perfectly;

Lament for the Village of Cam Ne 5/8/1965 (c 5 minutes) Just look at what’s happening in the world right now- what has been learned? Correspondent Morley Safer’s haunting account is backed by guitar and preceded by two brief piano vignettes;

This Fragile Peace (c 2 minutes) This is the way I feel on a personal and world level, just me on guitar with a poem and a sample;

Revolution #10 (c 8 minutes) Somebody had to do it- yes, it is musique concrete but with some nice melodies as well- in 4 parts: i) Fug and Babel ii) They Were So Happy They Were Breaking Glasses iii) Abnormal Road and iv) An Aching.
Hopefully as well we can have some tracks on the site before long.

Meanwhile, anyone wishing a review copy as always e-mail Phil at


Thanks to  Roberto Lupercio of Rock Evolucion Radio Show in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico for playing my music.I am slowly getting some new music together and, as always, welcome long distance (or closer to home!) collaborations. It'll soon be time for the festive 40- now there's a thought!

RADIO PLAY for ‘Listen to the Skies’


Rock Byways on Get Ready To Rock Radio - Sunday 28th August at 5pm, GMT, presented by Stuart Hamilton
LORD LITTER'S MAGIC MUSIC BOX      JULY 2011 via         am / fm / shortwave / satellite / online

Paradox One -. Ballad of the Sad Cafe Part One / Ballad of the Sad Cafe
Part Two - CD - Listen To The Skies


Thanks to Don Campau for playing ‘Black Hole’ on theKKUP Edition of "No Pigeonholes" on Sunday 26 June 2011. KKUP is a commercial free FM station that broadcasts to the south San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.  Also, ‘Ballad of the Sad Café Pt. 1’  during July 2011 on the European Edition of "No Pigeonholes" broadcast by Radio Marabu throughout Europe ( and online). You can contact them and support them by going to:

The programs are also available as a podcast for downloading/streaming here:


Also thanks to Garry Lee for playing ‘Out of the Void’ on his playlist 396.

The Starship Overflow: Home of Underground and Alternative Music’

“We're playing both "The Moon" and an older track "Out  of the Void" on rotation in our HOLIDAY SPIN show during the summer.” Best regards TONY CURRIE (Radio Six International)



pArAdOx OnE music is included in a new show from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #265). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio shows page at:


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #265)


Sendelica – “Banshees & Fetches” (from The Pavilion Of Magic And The Trials Of The Seven Surviving Elohim)

Spirits Burning – “Strafed By A UFO” (from Behold The Action Man)

Sky Cries Mary – “Cornerman” (from Taking The Stage: Live 1997-2005)

Space Debris – “Space Out – Dresden ‘10” (from Archive Volume Two)

Paint and Copter – “Imaginary Geographies” (from More Trial, Less Error)

Schroedinger’s Cat – “Shining Star” (from Assassins From Outer Space)

Carlton Melton – “The One That Got Away [extended version]” (from Country Ways)

Charles Rice Goff III & Justynn Tyme – “Peek-A-Boo” (from Raydio Bradcasts: Mrs Morris Goes to Mars)

Hawkwind – “The Sea King” (from Live Chronicles)

Brainticket – “Egyptian Kings” (from Celestial Ocean)

Nektar – “Desolation Valley” (from Sunday Night At The London Roundhouse)

Paradox One – “Out Of The Void” (from Listen To The Skies…)

Outerspace Milkmen – “Far Out” (unreleased)

Space Debris – “FreeFlight” (from Archive Volume One)

Phil says "I'm overwhelmed by the response to 'Listening to the Skies'. Thanks to Tim Jones and to the two Dons (Campau and Williams) and to Lord Litter for their very kind words and to Garry Lee for playing 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' and 'Black Hole' on his Overflow shows."
Two tracks from "Listen to the Skies...." are now streaming at the Paradox One Myspace website.  Click and enjoy.
A new CD is available for purchase or review through this website-
please e-mail
This consists of some sessions a while ago with two other musicians ( including a re-working of 'Out of the Void') , some originals ('Black Hole', 'Inventing Stars in Patterns Erratic' and 'Ballad of the Sad Cafe') as well
as a few covers.

Paradox One is having a clearout. Click here to download a Word document.

New Paradox One CD out soon! Rumours of the demise of Paradox One (Put about by me!) have not yet come to pass. While compiling some unreleased material I got sufficiently inspired to write some new stuff. I am now nearly satisfied with it. The title will be 'Watch The Skies' and here are a couple of pictures that will be used somewhere on the cover. Please let us know it you want to order a copy by e-mailing. Reviewers/ radio people- please request a copy by e-mailing CDs will be individually numbers and entitled!.

Phils Festive 40 is now online.

What a FANTASTIC new album!!! Tremendous stuff, full of atmosphere!!! Your best yet!!! We've only heard it once through so far and need to hear it a lot more. A highly original piece of work - THANKYOU!!! The artwork is BRILLIANT - Good luck with this!!! (Tim and Terri at Pet Hippy)

“I have listened to the ’Inventing Stars’ CD 5 times already- all of your CDs are stunning but i have got to say that this is something special- the sound and production is awesome right from the opening track and what can I say about track 2 and 3 stunning very well written and I found them very moving (‘Invisible’ and ‘Invisible Too’) The extra musicians that you have on the CD work really well and you each compliment each other each time. Each time I have listened to ‘Inventing Stars’ I have always heard something different and that is what i love about your CDs always a different twist and turn that keeps me tuned to the music. ‘Regeneration’ is a GREAT track as are all the tracks on this CD if i was a music reviewer I would give Inventing Stars 10/10 thanks for making one bloke very happy. Before I received the new CD I had a PARADOX ONE night and played all of your CDs from the very first to the last one- before ‘Inventing Stars’ you have produced 5 top class CDs and I am just so lucky to have found Paradox One a few years ago- please pass on my regards to the musicians who played on ‘Inventing Stars’ and let them know that the bloke from New Zealand thinks that they have done a great job.”
(Don Williams from Christchurch)
(I don’t know what to say, Don. I am completely overwhelmed by your comments and it is down to people like you that I keep producing music because there isn’t really a lot of interest ‘out there’. So please tell your friends and I’ll pass on your comments to the others who played on the album).

Thanks to Tim and Terri for including ‘Kinderscenen’ from my first album ‘reality Quake’ on their best of Alchemical Radio (show 5)

Thanks to Gagliarchives for playing 'Space Race' from 'Alternative Reality'! Here's the link:

It is a comment like the following from the other side of the Earth from Don Williams of Christchurch, New Zealand that keeps me going!
"I have had your new CD for a week now and i must say it is wicked another top class CD by you Phil it really rocks along beautiful guitar playing GREAT art work to Keep up the great work Phil
Thanks Heaps DON"
You've no idea how much this is appreciated in some dark times.
A happy new year to you Don and to all who have listened in 2004!


Thanks to the following internet radio stations for playing my music:

Thanks to Tony Currie at Radio Six International for putting ‘Invisible Too’ from ‘Inventing Stars on the Radio Six playlist.

I’m grateful to long time supporter Gary Lee for airing ‘Regeneration’ on his ‘Overflow’ show- thanks, Gary!

Thanks to Tim and Terri for including ‘From The Void’ on ‘The Best of Alchemical Radio’ #7 and ‘An Inheritance of Dormant Faculties’ on ‘The Best of Alchemical Radio’ #8 (both from ‘Dimension of Miracles’)

No Pigeonholes Radio Show 12 December 2004

Featuring home recordings and independent, small studio productions.

Hosted by Don Campau. The second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM

on KKUP 91.5 FM broadcasting to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas

played Paradox One- Over the Top from 'Alternative Reality'.

JANUARY 2005 the weekly show - 3 times a week Sundays at 4pm
Wednesdays at 1pm Fridays at 6pm all eastern time USA

Lord Litter CYBERSTORM SPECIAL SHOW for JANUARY is playing Paradox One : Adrenaline Spill - CD : alternative reality

October/ November 2004 Now playing on Radio Six- 'Over The Top' from 'Alternative Reality' (Thanks to Tony Currie for the positive comments about the album)

Thanks to Stan at Adventures in Plasticland for including 'Lisette' in his playlist

Garry Lee has played 'Adrenaline Rush' on four Freedom Overflow shows to date: #130,132,135 and 137. Freedome Overflow can be received by tuning in

Thanks to Gary Fosster for airing 'Edge of Reality' on his Eternal Fusion show on 2 Nov 2004

Thanks to Freedom Overflow for playing 'Adrenaline Rush' on two shows- #130 and #132
Freedom Overflow (including archive stuff) and Alchemical Radio are also on Wednesday evenings on
Music from 'Alternative Reality' also coming soon on Eternal Fusion radio, a wonderfully eclectic show not to be missed!
Eternal Fusion

Thanks to all you good people out there for voting for the extract of 'Angel Song in Neon' on 16 weeks on the chart reaching #2- I think we blew a few minds out there!
I think I'll get a campaign going for 'Son of Little Green Man'- that'll blow the circuits completely


A P R I L 2004- 3 times a week:
Sundays at 4pm
Wednesdays at 1pm
Fridays at 6pm
all eastern time USA
playing 'Son of Little Green Men'

playing 'Wake Up Call'

'ANGEL SONG IN NEON' now #3 in
chart- 30 March, 2004

'Angel Song in Neon' is now enjoying its 5th week on the New Artist Radio chart and radio show and heading towards the top ten!

No Pigeonholes Radioshow/ Playlist for 11 January 2004 Hosted by Don Campau on KKUP 91.5FM in Cupertino California The second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM Playing Paradox One- 'Angel Song' and 'We Are As One'

Thanks to Jerry Kranitz for playing 'Son of Little Green Men' on Aural Innovations and for Alchemical Radio for including 'Yap! Yap! Yap!' in their playlist ('Yap! also playing on Eternal Fusion- Sypda Radio)

Latest Show: Friday 19th December 2003
Paradox One - 'Yap Yap'

'Angel Song in Neon (We Are As One)' being played on Alchemical Radio #49

RADIO SEAGULL- THE OVERFLOW- GARRY LEE SHOW PLAY LIST #72 is playing 'Esclators to Mars' outtake 'Signs of Life'.


Latest Show: Friday 28th November 2003 is playing
Paradox One - 'Wake Up Call'

'Escalators to Mars' outtake 'Signs of Life' has been getting some airplay on Radio Six.

Rick Ray e-mailed to say he was driving home from work before his recent gig with Frank Marino and heard quite a few tracks from 'Dimension of Miracles' played on Mark Doremus's radio show- in fact it sounded like the whole album! (September, 2002)

Pushing The Envelope-WHUS/Storrs, Connecticut
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 "Pushing The Envelope - Music Decidedly Left Of Center" has spent the past
twelve years bringing you the finest in the avant realms of rock, classical, electronic, jazz and world music. All this along with a healthy dollop of new and classic progressive rock. The program airs Sunday evenings from 10 to midnight, eastern standard time and London: Sunday, 3-5am.
Track featured- Dimension Of Miracles - Paradox One

Thanks to Garry Lee @ Overflowcentral for playing:
on programme 15 'Edge of Reality' and on programme 24 'Milo Mindbender'

Thanks to Garry at The Overflow for including 'Regeneration' on the River Gibbs FM playlist.

Well would you believe it the 'weird bit' from 'Angel Song in Neon' has gone up to #2 again on
Please help me blow the male presenter's mind once again- 'What the heck was that?' he said!
Let's have one last push and then I can stop obsessing about this!
Every vote counts!

Also, Apple FM (913 on SKY) now broadcasts The Overflow and other alternative/ progressive rock shows from 700pm to midnight every day. Tune in and turn on!

Phil is delighted to see his new CD 'Alternative Reality' as joint record of the week with the excellent new release from Census of Hallucinations on Garry Lee's web site

'Urbmon 116' from 'Reality Quake' playing on Freedom Overflow #164

'Edge of Reality' from 'Alternative Reality' on Alchemical Radio #86

Overflow #161 playing 'Lisette' from 'Alternative Reality' (Thanks once again, Garry!)

'Space Race' from 'Alternative Reality' played on The Gagliarchives Z88.9 New Jersey (and Deleware area).

Thanks to Tony Currie once again at Radio Six International for letting me know that 'Vignette' from 'Escalators to Mars' is on the playlist.

Also thanks to Alchemical Radio #79 for playing 'Adrenaline Rush' off 'Alternative Reality'

Phil is delighted in the week before Christmas to be sharing 'record of the week' with the eclecticly wonderful (or is that wonderfully eclectic?) Census of Hallucinations

Alchemical Radio is produced by our friends Terri~B and The Reverend Rabbit from the Stone Premonitions label and features some of the best Psychedelia, Progressive Rock, Metal, and adventurous Pop that the underground has to offer. Visit the Stone Premonitions web site at
Show #77 is playing Paradox One - "A Faint Nimbus Of Starlight"
and "Space Race" from 'Alternative Reality'


'The End of All Things' from 'Alternative Reality' can be heard on Drool Trough (show #21)
(Drool Trough is an all genres show featuring cool music from the
underground). You can go directly to the Radio shows :

Also on Aural Innovations: The Electronic Cottage (show #9)
(The Electronic Cottage was created to give an audio spotlight to the
ambient, cosmic space, and general electronic sound explorations we review
at Aural Innovations. The Electronic Cottage is named after Hal McGee's zine of the same name that published in the late 1980's and early 1990's).
Now playing 'Space Race' from 'Alternative Reality'.

You can request Paradox One tracks online by going to

July, 2004- Thanks to Mark Doremus for playing a large portion of Reality Quake on wcsb 89.3 fm

Thanks to Garry Lee at Radio Seagull, the Overflow and John Cavanagh at Radio Six for playing 'The Moon Orion Project' in its entirety.
Also to all those shows that have featured tracks from the album.

Angel Song in Neon has just reached #3 on New Artist Radio. Some body somewhere out there must be listening!

Aural Innovations Space Radio #99 is playing 'We Are As One' from 'Escalators to Mars'

Paradox One music was featured on "The Chill Out Zone" on Tuesday, 20 February, 2004 on Radio Six International. For further info, please go to the schedule page at:

Angel Song in Neon Part 3 is playing on Alchemical Radio #60

are playing 'Twilight Creeping Across the Continent' from 'Escalators to Mars'.

RADIO SEAGULL - THE OVERFLOW - GARRY LEE PLAYLIST #66 Paradox One - Angel song in neon Part 4 (2003) PARADOX ONE


Thanks to Programme Director Tony Currie for letting me know that 'Wake Up Call' from the forthcoming Paradox One CD 'Escalators to Mars' is playlisted on Radio Six from Saturday, 4 October for the next nine weeks (October 2003)

Aural Innovations #52- July, 2002 playing 'Alien Harvest' from 'Dimension of Miracles'.

May, 2002- thanks to Alchemical Radio for playing 'From the Void' and 'An Inheritance of Dormant Faculties' from my new 'Dimension of Miracles' CD. So head on over to and click on the Radio link to listen. Alchemical Radio has also played 'Kinderscenen' and 'Quater Mass Final Movement'.

Mark Doremus played 'Tragic Realm' by Paradox One on Tueday 7 May, 2002

Maurici Ribera from Trilogy Rock in Spain. Maurici e-mailed me back in May to tell me:
""I'm still playing your band on my radio show and the 2 VOICES compilations you sent me. I really like your album as PARADOX ONE." 'It is reported that Maurici spent 5 minutes of his show on 20 October discussing 'Reality Quake' with Rick Ray
Jesus Diaz tells me:"We played your track that is an arranged version of one of Schumann's works on our August 6th show." ('Kinderscenen was also played on Alchemical Radio #10) Jesus' web site is .
(Eufonia "El otro sonido de la musica" XHTEC 94.9 FM)

During the the Mark Doremus show on wcsb on 25 June, 2002 Mark and Rick Ray talked quite a bit about Paradox One and Mark played 'Return Of The Godz'.

Thanks also to supanova radio for playing Paradox One music.
You can also hear Paradox One on: Freedom Overflow, a small FM station which has a P.O. Box address: The Cabinet, P.O. Box 3836, Colchester, CO4 3QW. . They broadcast as far South as Brighton.

Mark Doremus WCSB 89.3 FM who played Crompton's Divide back in July on his 'Rub the Bhudda' show.
Gagliarchives Radio 88.9/95.1 FM Philadelphia played 'Urbmon 116' on their show back in March.
WCSB also played 'Urbmon 116' back in January (on the Tony C show)

Mark C. Deren from Holland played music from Dimension of Miracles on his show of 28 April.

THE OVERFLOW - THE HOME OF ALTERNATIVE & UNDERGROUND MUSIC - This remarkable site contains the compositions of one Jim Tribble, multi-instrumentalist, avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy and all round fascinating guy. Jim is always open to interpretations of his ideas, maybe even collaborations with other like minded musicians. Speaking of which there may be some Tribble with Paradox One one of these days


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